4 Best Flower Pot Decoration Ideas for Your Home


No matter how hectic the proprietor might contend the very least one plant to provide a bit greenery, any residence, although it does not keep well. And for you who enjoy planting activities, having pots as your planter will be something typical.

Currently, the concern is that are you not bored with the conventional pot that nicely organized in a row without any additional touches to beautify the appearance?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time for you to do something to make it more unique and gorgeous. When you succeeded in making your pots have more worth, after that, your benefit will not be only for your very own enjoyment; however, likewise for your residence far better perception.

There are two methods to add worth to your pots. The initial one is by painting it onto some colors, pattern, or number paint. The second one is by setting it right into specific forms like a castle, penguin, snowman, and other figures.

You require to utilize your creative imagination as well as creative thinking. Do it in your free time because it could certainly need a long time. Use it as your spare time activity to freshen your mind trigger you will handle some colors and lovely things that will be offering you a lot enjoyable.

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As your consideration, you can correspond to the layout based upon your age as well as individuality. I suggest you do not make too many animation points if you don’t intend to look childlike. Cartoons are also charming.

You have to make it stabilize with a few other sophisticated creations like flower pattern, or make it simple with only tint it silver or gold shade. You can add dot patterns or various other little patterns to make it look monotonous; however, if you want to have an elegant look, do not make it excessive.

The pictures below may offer you less complicated creativity to build up your ideas. I hope you’ll have so much enjoyable!

1. DIY Flower Pot Decoration Ideas

Flower pots are not just helpful for growing blossoms, natural herbs, as well as little vegetables. They can likewise serve as a starter DIY job. Many flower pots feature a conventional clay-brown color, making it a terrific canvas for your DIY tasks. DIY flower pot decoration is easy to do and also does not take excessive time, so it’s excellent as your very first DIY task.

We have 5 flower pot decoration ideas to try, so get your paint, brushes, and crafting products prepared.

Solid Colors

This flower pot decoration is an ideal beginning to obtain our hands unclean in DIY. We can cover the whole flower pot with color, or we can try to cover just the top or bottom fifty percent of the pot. We can also integrate two or even more different colors to make it much more intriguing.


If we have constant hands, we can try this flower pot decoration design. We can use different patterns, such as flowers or geometric forms, to animate our flower pots. Be creative with the placing as it can give a sense of connection in between lots of pots when they are set up side by side.


This flower pot decoration perhaps the simplest one to do. All we need is adhesive, covering material, as well as creative thinking. The wrapper can be anything, such as fabric, gift wrapper, paper, twine, etc. The material can be reduced and shaped as desired and cover it around the flower pot with some glue.

Embellished Ornaments

We can try an additional style with crafting adhesive for our flower pot decoration task. Embellish the flower pot with small items, such as little stones, gems, beads, bangles, and the like, to create some pattern that will give a whole makeover to your flower pots.


Not all that glitters is gold. It’s true because you can make your flower pot decoration glitter, too! Shines can be blended directly into paints or sprayed in addition to half-dried paint. Try to blend it with neon colors to add a pop of shimmer to your flower pots.

Those are a few flower pot decoration ideas you can try on your plain-looking flower pots. The decoration possibilities are infinite, so maintain explore various appearances as well as have fun.

2. Styrofome Cups Flower Pot Decoration Ideas

Spring is right here! To commemorate, I intended to show you this cute little spring flower craft you can make with your youngsters. It would be best if you had some pipe cleaners, foam cups, and a little creative imagination. I’m so excited to see every one of the intense eco-friendly lawn in my yard and also can’t wait to begin growing some actual flowers!

Opportunities are you have seen my Styrofoam Cup Spring Bonnets and also my Styrofoam Cup Leprechaun Hats. I have some Uncle Sam Hats also that I have not uploaded yet! Well, because reducing the mugs to appear like hats is not strictly scientific research, there are always some mugs that snuggle the upside-down or don’t shape properly to be made use of for hats. I do not toss them away; they make charming little flower pots!

Possibilities are you probably don’t have any lying about as I do, so in the directions listed below, I’ll inform you how to reduce the cups in addition to all the actions that select it.

Easy flowers can be made by wrapping a piece of pipeline cleaner around the completion of a paintbrush once more, and only this moment covers it a lot more like a ball. Then place the eco-friendly pipe cleaner for the stem.

After painting your little pots, glue a penny inside an all-time low; this will certainly assist hold them upright, so the weight of your blossoms doesn’t make them fall over.

Have a good time, and also delighted spring!

Keep in mind: I have been making crafts from shrunken foam mugs for ten years. I have consulted with a couple of different experts on what is emitted from the foam mugs when heated up. I’ve been informed the levels are reduced sufficiently that it shouldn’t be triggered for the issue, but running your kitchen vent or weather condition permits, keeping a window open throughout the baking procedure is an appropriate service.

Styrofoam Cup Mini Spring Flower Pots Decoration Ideas


  • Foam cups 8.5 oz size
  • acrylic craft paint I used several brown tones
  • pipe cleaners in various colors
  • green tissue paper
  • 4 pennies
  • white craft glue
  • scissors


  • Preheat oven to 250 degrees F. Place foam cups upside down on a dark coated cookie sheet. Place cookie sheet in preheated oven and watch carefully. Cups should have begun shrinking at the 2 minute mark and should be done at the 3 minute mark. You may need to adjust the temperature up or down depending on your oven, so only try 1-2 cups at a time until you are successful. If you have some brims that are flat, make hats like these miniature spring bonnets!
  • The cups will cool quickly and can be painted within minutes of coming out of the oven. paint each pot, inside and out with acrylic craft paint and let dry.
  • Make flowers using different lengths of chenille stems. Use green for the flower stems and a variety of colors to make the flowers. Wrap chenille around the handle of a paintbrush to create flower buds, and twist longer coils to make snapdragons. Form flower shapes by bending a chenille stem into petals and secure it with the end of the chenille stem. Add a dab of white glue and insert the green stem into the colorful flowers.
  • Squeeze a generous amount of white craft glue into the bottom of each flower pot. Press a penny into the glue to give the pot some weight. Add more glue to the sides of the inside of the pot.
  • Cut a piece of green tissue paper about 5″ square and crumple it in your hand. Place crumpled tissue paper into the pot.
  • Add a dab of glue to the bottom of each flower stem and insert into the flower pot.

Expert Tips & FAQs

I have been making crafts from shrunken foam cups for ten years. In that time I have spoken with a few different experts on the matter of what is emitted from the foam cups when heated. I’ve been told the levels are low enough that it shouldn’t be cause for concern, but that running your kitchen vent or if weather permits, keeping a window open during the baking process is an acceptable solution.

3. Flower Pot Decoration Ideas for Winter

The majority of us think that colorful outdoor planters are only feasible in the winter, spring and summer season. You could be stunned precisely how simple it is to produce lovely winter planters and porch pots ideal for christmas outdoor decors!

Exactly how to select pots and urns, utilize a selection of evergreen plants and branches, vibrant berries, seed skins, and various other attractive components such as bows and ornaments to produce winter planters as well as lovely Christmas outdoor decors which last for weeks and months.

A fantastic video tutorial below makes a lovely Christmas planter container utilizing Red Twig Dogwood, Holly Berry, and combined conifer branches.

4. Plastic Flower Pot Decoration Ideas

Plastic flower pots are light and very easy to relocate, however not all look attractive. Yet with these decorating ideas, your flower pots can look great.

When buying flowers from a nursery, we usually end up with several black plastic flower pots. As opposed to throwing them away as soon as the components have been grown out, why not maintain them?

Black plastic flower pots are not all that eye-catching, so they will undoubtedly require jazzed up a little with straightforward designs. Once they look lovely, they can be made use of to decorate a corner of the deck or make a feature in your home or garden. Here are some ideas to start.

Painting Plastic Flower Pots

Just painting a plastic flower pot will undoubtedly make it look entirely different. Paint needs to be plastic as opposed to oil-based. An abundant brownish which constantly looks truly charming with eco-friendly plants, or something rather various might be enjoyable. Pointers?

  • Red and white stripes – horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.
  • White background with flower heads and also stalks all the way around.
  • Eco-friendly or blue background with a geometric or abstract layout
  • Black and white zebra stripes.
  • Black or brown on white ‘cow’ splotches.
  • Leopard Spots – unique.
  • Light background with different ladybugs.

Rope on Plastic Flower Pots

The rope is a wonderfully decorative item that provides texture and layout, form, and color. For the best results, a warm adhesive weapon will be required to repair it. If the plastic flower pots are planned for outdoor usage, plastic or nylon rope must be utilized as rainfall will tarnish and rot natural fiber rope. Right here is exactly how to take care of rope onto those plastic flower pots.

  • Rope can be twisted around the pots as well as fixed on with warm glue.
  • A thinner rope or twine can be utilized to make different forms on a repainted pot.
  • Twine can likewise be twisted right into a pattern of any kind and glued over the rope located horizontally around the pot– so there is a rope on the rope.
  • Rope can be repainted to provide a color or style in addition to appearance.

Gardening with Plastic Flower Pots

Plastic flower pots have come a long way because of your grandmother’s time. Today’s plastics and also molding techniques allow for a designer-quality item.

Plastic flower pots have advanced significantly over the years with advancements in polymer research study and more imaginative techniques to create and appearances.

No longer are gardeners limited to those reddish-brown, plastic pots inadequately masquerading as terra-cotta. Today’s consumers can have big flower pots at inexpensive costs, which still have the feel and look of even more conventional products like clay, ceramic, or metal and often, even wood.

Plastic Flower Pots: The Benefits of Using a Large Flower Pot

The advantages of plastic flower pots become clear when garden enthusiasts take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Affordability. Plastic Flower Pots are a fraction of the cost of standard pots.
  • Weight. Plastic flower pots weigh substantially less than traditional pots, enabling gardeners to relocate bigger pots with greater convenience.
  • Resilient. Higher quality plastic flower pots can be extra durable and also are rustproof.
  • Even more style options. Modern molding techniques use a broader range of shade, texture, and also size choices.

How to Plant in Plastic Flower Pots, Outdoor Planters as well as Plastic Planters

In his publication, The Complete Overview to Gardening, Peter HcHoy provides five simple actions to growing in outdoor planters. Flower arranging apart provides crucial tips when utilizing planters: plastic, ceramic, clay, or steel.

  • Cover the water drainage holes with a layer of crushed rock or cracked bark to stop water from collecting at the bottom of the pot.
  • Use a “loam-based” potting mix and also fill the pot to only below the edge.
  • Pick a “high or strong plant” for the facility.
  • Fill out around the top with “bushier however lower-growing” plants.
  • Fertilize the surface area with an attractive mulch to conserve moisture as well as a water well. (Pots, especially plastic flower pots, often tend to dry out faster than flower beds.).

Cleaning Plastic Flower Pots and Other Garden Pots.

Fall brings numerous chores for the ordinary gardener, and gardeners using plastic flower pots are no different. They might have a few extra tasks to finish when those fall winds begin to blow.

The Total Overview of Gardening advises that plant illness can be brought from one plant to old pots. It’s a good suggestion to wash all flower pots in the Fall, using a disinfectant such as a vinegar or bleach remedy.

Pots should be well-scrubbed, both inside and out, then positioned out to completely dry and later saved for Winter months. When Spring comes, all the pots will be tidy and prepared for an additional satisfying gardening season.

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