7 Benefits Drinking a Protein Shakes Before Bed

protein shakes before bed

Protein shakes stay one of the most popular health supplements amongst active adults, athletes, and bodybuilders. Many Americans believe that they can assist with weight-loss, build muscle, and boost general health.

Shakes that usage protein powder has ended up being a practical breakfast drink and is often consumed after a difficult workout for muscle repair.

Many Americans quickly fulfill their protein requirements without including protein shakes, yet we stay in a society that believes extra is better.

Certain medical conditions may require protein supplements, but these represent only a tiny percentage of the population. Determining individual protein requirements is advised for optimal health and also fitness.

Consuming protein assists your body in balancing muscle protein. Proteins include necessary amino acids that are necessary for this process. When your body lacks amino acids because of not eating or oxidative stress brought on by exercise, it causes adverse changes.

Drinking protein shakes can help return your body to the positive equilibrium required for optimum muscle growth.

Consuming slow-acting protein shakes before bed is a well-known technique for sports nutrition. Several studies have shown that this technique can enhance muscle growth, quicken recovery, and improve performance.

Nonetheless, eating before bed has the prospective to lower sleep quality and even your long-lasting health, particularly if you do it the wrong way.

In this article, you’ll learn what science has to claim concerning drinking protein shakes before bed, the benefits and drawbacks of eating protein, and also various other macronutrients before bed, who to think about a bedtime shake, and three tasty recipes for building muscle before bed.

What Happens if You Take a Protein Shake Before Bed?

In recent times, numerous peer-reviewed studies have analyzed the effects of protein shakes before bed.

Most of the moment, clinical studies use slow-absorbing casein protein for this objective. But in some cases, they also contrast the effects of fast-absorbing whey protein compared to the effects of casein before bed.

Otherwise, keep reading for easy-to-understand recaps of the clinical findings on pre-bed protein.

Muscle Growth

In a 2012 study published in Medication & Science in Sports & Exercise, scientists had 16 healthy boys lift weights; after that, eat either 40 grams of casein protein or a sugar pill before bed.

They found that the men that consumed the slow-acting casein protein had higher rates of whole-body protein synthesis, along with a greater net protein equilibrium. Both of these findings might direct towards much better recovery from exercise, thanks to the casein shakes.

And most notably, the men that drank casein before bed had muscle protein synthesis rates 22% more than men that did not. To put it simply, in time, drinking a casein shake may cause enhanced muscle-building.

On the other hand, a separate study from 2018 compared the effects of daytime casein protein to nighttime casein taken before bed.

During the comparison, the researchers found similar outcomes on muscle size and strength, suggesting that while casein protein improves muscle growth and performance, drinking Protein Shakes before bed may not be a crucial variable.

Similarly, a 2017 study of men and women with prior training experience found that neither daytime nor nighttime casein protein resulted in body composition.

According to a 2019 review, the existing research suggests that consuming 40 grams or even more slow-acting protein shakes before bed works for enhancing muscle protein synthesis; however, just following evening exercise.

Additionally, it’s still unclear from studies whether the pre-bed timing or raised total protein intake is responsible for the increased muscle-building.

Exercise Performance and Recovery

According to a 2018 study of men and women from the journal Sports, 40 grams of pre-bed casein protein did not boost recovery or performance complying with daytime exercise.

A separate small study from 2018 found no benefit on next-day resistance exercise when physically-active women drank whey protein or casein protein before bed.

However, unlike the above findings, a 2019 study of 10 professional soccer gamers found that contrasted to a sugar pill control, 40 grams of casein protein before bed boosted functional recovery as measured by physical performance as well as muscle discomfort.

Weight Loss and Metabolic Process

A 2018 study of physically-active ladies published in the journal Nutrients found a 4% increase in resting metabolic price the next day from consuming 48 grams of casein protein before bed.

Nevertheless, the outcome was not statistically considerable. To put it simply, the study findings on metabolic rate may well have resulted from arbitrary opportunity.

No matter, burning 4% more calories is not a game-changer for fat loss– specifically, because the ladies had to eat an added 192 calories (kcal) in the form of protein first.

The same study found that consuming whey protein shakes before bed (instead of casein) may decrease fat oxidation.

And a 2016 study of young obese men found that although pre-bed casein did not modify lipolysis (the release of stored fat), fat-burning, GH levels, insulin, or glucose, it additionally really did not increase energy expenditure or decrease appetite.

As a result, while the 2016 study didn’t locate any damaging effects on fat loss, it also revealed no advantage to drinking casein before bed, either.

To sum up, it’s safe to claim that drinking a protein shake before bed isn’t the most effective practice for weight reduction based upon recent research.

Facts about the pros and cons of eating before bed

7 Benefits Drinking a Protein Shakes Before Bed, Facts  and Analysis

Until now, we’ve reviewed combined findings from studies on consuming slow-acting protein shakes before bed.

A couple of studies revealed a positive result for muscle growth, performance, or recovery, while others did not. On the other hand, no studies showed any considerable benefit for metabolism or fat loss.

As well as currently, it’s time to take a more detailed look at the potential tradeoffs of eating before bed.

Body Clocks and Sleep

Your body clocks are your body’s natural 24-hour rhythms. Along with impacting your sleep schedule, they also regulate various other vital elements of your health, such as hormone levels.

Mismatched or inconsistent body clocks, such as those of nighttime employees, are associated with higher rates of cancer cells, cardiovascular disease, and psychological health problems such as depression.

And while light exposure is one of the most significant consider establishing your body clocks, food intake also affects your body’s internal timekeeping.

For example, research suggests that eating late meals can modify your 24-hour hormone profile.

Therefore, while drinking a protein shake before bed may serve momentarily for constructing muscle, it’s most likely not a smart life-long habit for your health.

Sugar and also Insulin Levels

Eating carbohydrates before bed can elevate glucose and insulin levels, which may lead to insulin resistance.

And also, since insulin resistance is carefully connected with the growth of type 2 diabetes mellitus, preventing carbs before bed is smart for your health.

Somewhat similarly to carbs, whey protein likewise enhances insulin levels. The insulin spike from whey isn’t necessarily a negative point (it’s likely handy for post-workout muscle-building) and has even been examined for blood sugar monitoring in individuals with kind two diabetes mellitus).

Additionally, there’s no evidence that whey protein usage brings about insulin resistance.

Fat Oxidation and also Metabolic Rate

As we already went over, present data suggest that pre-bed casein does not lower fat-burning, but whey protein before bed does.

And eating any food, particularly carbs– whether before bed or otherwise– decreases fat-burning compared to fasting (staying clear of food).

Consequently, if you wish to maximize fat-burning, your best option is to miss pre-bed meals. Or, if you do not come quickly before bed, at the very least, make certain to avoid carbs for a few hrs before you sleep.

Furthermore, a 2017 study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that, typically, individuals with greater body fat consumed their meals later contrasted to lean individuals.

To quote the scientists, “the intake of food throughout the circadian evening and/or night, independent of even more standard threat aspects such as amount or material of food intake and also task level, plays an important duty in body structure.”

While the 2017 study does not verify that consuming protein shakes before bed will cause inevitable fat gain, it does recommend that avoiding food for several hours before bed is smart if you intend to remain lean.

Who Should Drink Protein Shakes Before Bed?

In short, you must think about a casein protein shakes before bed if (and also just if):

  • Your goals include muscle mass or performance, as opposed to weight-loss.
  • You exercise frequently.
  • You’re already consuming plenty of protein.
  • You aren’t overweight.
  • You’re metabolically healthy.
  • On the other hand, if you aren’t bent on getting muscle mass or enhancing your recovery and performance, protein shakes before bed may not be worth the effort.

Also, remember that slow-acting protein shakes before bed may be extra useful for individuals that educate later on in the day as opposed to earlier.

And also, if your objective is weight reduction, or you have obtained metabolic problems like insulin resistance or type 2 diabetic issues, you’re most likely much better off missing eating before bed, period.

3 Effective Bedtime Recipes for Muscle Growth

Bear in mind that the calories, macronutrients, and food high quality of your pre-bed meals can make a tremendous distinction in your outcomes and health.

In general, research suggests low-calorie, high-protein meals before bed have the fewest adverse effects on blood glucose and sleep high quality (as well as the greatest benefit for muscle protein synthesis).

On the other hand, pre-bed meals high in calories, carbs, and fats are much more troublesome for your health and body structure.

To put it simply, don’t make a behavior out of whack off fast food “dollar food selections” late in the evening. Instead, use the recipes listed below to boost muscle growth with minimal effect on your sleep quality and midsection.

Cinnamon Cottage Cheese Bowl

This simple but delicious cottage cheese snack has only 210 calories. It provides 40-64 grams of protein (including 32 grams of casein), as well as generous amounts of the micronutrients phosphorus, selenium, and vitamin B12.


  • 1 1/3 cup (300 grams) low-fat cottage cheese (chilled)
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp organic vanilla extract
  • 1/8 tsp stevia powder or 1/2 tsp monk fruit powder
  • Optional for extra muscle-building: 1 scoop of vanilla cinnamon whey protein


Mix ingredients in a medium bowl using a spoon and enjoy!

Chocolate Protein Pudding

This healthy protein snack combines a mixture of sugar-free pudding, casein protein, and low-fat Greek yogurt for a delicious muscle-building wonder.


  • One box (1.4 oz) sugar-free chocolate pudding mix
  • One scoop (30 grams) chocolate casein protein powder
  • 1/2 cup low-fat unflavored Greek yogurt (chilled)
  • 1 1/2 cup unflavored natural almond or hemp milk (chilled)
  • 1/8 tsp sea salt (or to taste)
  • A dash of organic vanilla extract (or to taste)
  • Optional: 1/4 tsp organic cacao powder (or to taste)


  • Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl
  • Use an immersion blender to mix, or whisk by hand for 2 minutes
  • Serve immediately or refrigerate

Vanilla Protein No-Churn “Ice Cream”

While you probably won’t mistake this pre-bed protein snack for real ice cream, it’s still delicious and filling – and fantastic for your muscle-building results. You can use an ice cream maker if you have one, but this is a no-shaking recipe used with just a blender.


  • 2 cups low-fat coconut milk (chilled or partially frozen)
  • 1 1/2 scoops (40-45 grams) vanilla casein protein powder
  • 3/4 cup ice cubes or frozen coconut milk cubes
  • 1/4 tsp stevia powder or 1 tsp monk fruit powder
  • 1/4 tsp organic vanilla extract (or to taste)
  • 1/8 tsp sea salt (or to taste)


  • Add chilled coconut milk to blender and blend for 1-2 minutes until silky
  • Add remaining ingredients and mix until mixture thickens
  • Optional: add the mixture to an ice-cream maker
  • Scoop, serve, and enjoy!

Evening Protein for Muscle Growth and also Recovery

If you’re going to consume alcohol protein shakes, it makes sense to eat them when they may give the greatest potential advantages. Post-workout protein supplements have been considered the most effective method to refuel and optimize muscle growth. Nevertheless, current research shows drinking a protein shake before bed may supply additional health benefits.

Better Muscle Growth and also Preservation

One study analyzed how protein consumed before bed is much better absorbed in people who exercise in the evening. When participants exercised during the night and consumed 40 grams of protein before bed, muscle protein synthesis (growth) was enhanced, and extra nutritional amino acids were reported in the muscle cells.

Other research checked out just how protein ingestion before sleep may boost muscle growth in healthy older men. Loss of skeletal muscle mass with aging has been credited to the blunted anabolic response to protein intake.

Study individuals included 48 healthy, older men that consumed either 40 grams of protein, 20 grams of protein, or a placebo before bed. Those men taking 40 grams of the protein revealed the best results.

These searchings supply the clinical basis for a novel nutritional technique to sustain mass muscle preservation in aging and disease.

Research published in the Journal of Nutrition assessed the impact of dietary protein supplementation before sleep on muscle mass and also strength gains during resistance-type exercise training.

Participants included 44 young, healthy men who exercised three times per week for 12 weeks. The volunteers consumed a supplement beverage with 27.5 grams of protein and 15 grams of carb or sugar pill before bed.

Protein supplementation before bed enhanced gains in muscle mass and also strength better than a placebo.

Other research revealed protein consumption before bed may boost skeletal muscle adhering to resistance-type exercise. The study recommended that consuming a minimum of 40 grams of dietary protein before sleep can promote muscle protein synthesis, making pre-sleep protein supplements a reliable dietary technique to enhance muscle mass and strength.

Improved Recovery

Another study evaluated how protein ingestion before sleep enhances post-exercise recovery. Individuals consisted of 16 healthy young males that did a solitary bout of resistance-type exercise in the evening. The men consumed either 40 grams of protein or a placebo before going to bed. The protein was properly digested and soaked up as well as boosted whole-body protein synthesis rates contrasted to placebo.

Improved Performance

Consuming a protein shake at night may enhance athletic performance, considering that it may help control muscle protein metabolism8 along with strength and also muscle growth gains. The following clinical searchings for have been reported:

  • Boosted overnight muscle reconditioning
  • Enhanced strength during workouts
  • It increased lean mass.
  • Capability to exercise longer.
  • Improved muscle adaption to exercise training.

Protein for Weight Loss

Having a protein shake before bed could advertise weight-loss, considering that protein enhances your metabolism and stimulate muscle growth. Raising your metabolic process accelerates the rate you melt calories.

But don’t neglect total caloric intake. Eating extra calories than you need can bring about weight gain. This indicates how you supplement with protein shakes necessary.

Protein shakes include calories to your daily total. If you wish to supplement with protein as a method to assist you slim down, make sure to adjust your calorie intake for the rest of the day to fit the shake.

If you mix 40 grams of pure protein powder with water, you can obtain 160 calories (4 calories per gram of protein). Protein shakes blended with fruits, nut butter, and milk, on the other hand, can easily amount to 300 calories or more per shake.

If you’re consuming 1800 calories daily, deducting in between 160 to 300 calories from that total may be necessary if you plan to consume alcohol a protein shake before bed. This would certainly enable you to remain on track with daily caloric intake while advertising weight reduction and muscle growth.

Protein shakes may help people attempting to reduce weight when utilized as a meal replacement, but not always at night. You might want to drink a protein shake before bed if you did not have dinner or locate you are starving after supper. Utilizing a shake in place of another sort of meal or treat may help avoid overindulging before bed.

Best Protein Sources

Protein sources differ in just how they boost muscle protein synthesis. This indicates the sort of protein consumed before bed is necessary can impact outcomes. A lot of the research has made use of casein protein for individuals. Casein is a gradually digested protein resource permitting a slow-moving launch and amino acids’ rise throughout the night.

Effects on Sleep

Drinking a protein shake before bed may disturb your sleep, relying on the protein kind. The basic sugars in a liquid protein supplement might trigger a surge of energy (as well as weight gain and increased fat shops). The majority of the research cited utilized a slowly absorbed protein. Consuming the right protein resource, stimulated muscle protein synthesis without hindering sleep.

Whey protein is a much more rapidly absorbed protein. It has been shown to boost muscle protein synthesis rates better, but for a shorter time contrasted to casein. This is why whey protein is made use of usually post-workout instead of pre-sleep.

High-quality animal-based protein sources can additionally enhance overnight muscle protein synthesis prices. Some individuals prefer to eat their protein as well as it behaves to have the option of both. These protein sources consist of:

  • Eggs
  • Low-fat milk
  • Low-fat yogurt
  • Chicken breast
  • Lean steak

Carbohydrate to Protein Ratios

Professional athletes who find it hard to eat healthy foods after an exercise may gain from a liquid supplement to aid recovery. This is particularly true when compared to not eating at all post-workout.

It’s usually valuable for professional athletes to use a mix of protein and carbs for recovery, glycogen repletion, and repair. The protein fixings muscle, and also, the carb restores glycogen, so they collaborate. This mix of macronutrients is usually a lot more gratifying, as well.

Melissa Majumdar, MS, RD, CSOWM, LDN, CPT, a representative for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, recommends a well-balanced supplement in a 4:1 ratio of carbs and protein.

Protein shakes differ a lot in macronutrient composition and ought to be selected based upon an individual’s requirements.

Tips for Supplementing With Protein Shakes

  • If you’re trying to gain weight, look for a higher-calorie shake.
  • If you’re an athlete trying to construct muscle, try to find a mid-calorie shake with an equilibrium of carbohydrates as well as protein.
  • If you’re attempting to drop weight, you may desire a lower-calorie, lower-sugar protein shake.

Healthy foods can commonly be a lot more overfilling than a liquid supplement because they take longer to digest.

Also, adding added fiber sources such as fruits, veggies, and beans can be satisfying and slow-moving food digestion a lot more.


There suffices proof to support the relevance of protein intake for muscle growth, as well as while the majority of people can please their daily needs through diet alone, some may benefit from protein supplements like protein shakes.

If total daily calories and activity levels are taken into account, drinking a top-quality protein supplement during the night may help build or protect muscle, aid in recovery, and advertise weight reduction.

Some individuals speak highly of pre-bed protein shakes, while others pick to steer clear because of the possible downsides.

And while research suggests a protein-rich meal before bed can increase your muscle-building outcomes, it may not be the very best long-term method for your health.

Therefore, we recommend that you utilize a pre-bed shake (or one of the delicious high-protein recipes given in this write-up) strategically, during mass-building stages only.

Also, make sure to limit fats and carbs as much as possible as you concoct your pre-bed protein meals.

Will you choose a pre-bed protein snack or otherwise?

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